Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shoes I could never afford

Even though I could never afford these in a zillion years, I love these shoes with a capitol L O V E!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Shoes I could never afford

Ahhh! These shoes are beautiful!

Some people out there.......

just a notification: If you are going to post comments, please don't swear, because it is unpleasant to read and look at. Thank you for your courtesy.


Abercrombie is one of my absolute favorite brands! And the shirts are so comfy!


btw, I only like the gray one's. And they are from newly found shoe outlet, newportnews.com.

iphone frenzy!!

I'm obssessed with the iphone, and since I may get one this June, I'm also obssessed with iphone related products. check these out! (chocolate iphone case and wood iphone case can be found at swiss-miss.com under 'iphone', and the pink cases and white iphone can be found at apple.com)

Swiss Miss

my golly, this website is quite cute and quick-witted. you must check it out!

spring fling

Look at this adorable outfit from pacsun! find everything under 'new arrivals'.

Who needs stormy colors?

One of my favourite places to shop, pacsun has the cutest little things! check it out!

my GOD! I have just found two of the best shoe outlets ever. #1: Newport News #2: like.com
Look at these puppies!
top left, Tstrap sandals, newportnews.com, bottom, gladiator sandals, charlottrusse.com


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